Finance Controller



  • Comprehensive exposure to a multitude of industries
  • High-profile planning methodologies
  • Strong communication skills
  • Adaptability
  • BA Business Management and Finance


Graduated from MMU with a 2:1 In Business management and finance, currently half way through my ACCA exams (6/13) exams completed, looking for completion by 2023.

Hobbies – Weight training, running, trying to get back into golf otherwise just reading (Harvard business review, ACCA materials, online journals) and listening to music & podcast.

Love technology, and have been involved in the development of Internal financial management systems for AVM, the digispace application, and other project external from AVM including helping with the logic to create APIs for integration with accounting software’s. One day I will learn how to code, for now excel functions are enough. 

Something interesting – “The Dream” Involves owning and Alpaca farm in Australia 

What you like – Dogs > Cats, Music > Film > TV, Android > IOS, Microsoft > Google, Chrome > Edge