• 30 years retail industry experience
  • Brand leader
  • Marketing and Business degree (Leicester and Bristol University)
  • Full member of Chartered Institute of Marketing

Has assisted AVM for the last exciting 4 years of its development, following a prolific 30 years in Imaging at large multinationals including Max Spielmann and Kodak.

David began his journey in 197x at Kodak’s head office in Hemel Hempstead. His first role included working alongside the Marketing Development Manager on the expansion of the Consumer branch of the business, which included the production and sale of instamatic cameras and colour film.

David’s sharp intuition allowing him to plug into the mindset of the potential purchaser would result in the development of bold new business strategies for Kodak UK, enabling him to rise through the ranks and develop an overarching business knowledge, comprising the many different components of Kodak (motion picture, professional photography, photochemical film).

Spotting new opportunities in the photography marketplace, he would then go on to establish Foto Processing and Max Spielmann, which would go on to hold a 50% share of the UK photo market by the year 2000.

He attributes this success to fostering his businesses with a clear focus on customer relationships, while being mindful of a necessity for innovation, to offer an edge to their trading compared to competitors of the day in an oversaturated market.

David left Max Spielmann in 2003 for new ventures, however under new management, the company went into administration in 2008. He was then approached by the Timpson to establish a new arm of the business and to rescue the photo shops that were in jeopardy. To this day Max Spielmann remains a very strong asset to the Timpson Group.

Joining AVM Solutions in 2014, David offers his senior guidance and has been paramount to the company’s development as a trusted audio-visual powerhouse. Epitomising AVM’s ethos, David is passionate when it comes to utilising AV technology for unique customer-centric communication, with the goal of leaving a lasting impact for unforgettable memories.