IPTV Solutions with Exterity

IPTV is quickly becoming one of the preferred ways of distributing media across a large number of digital devices. With the ability to remotely access a range of content, enticing a number of companies to upgrade and have an IPTV system installed. Here at AVM, we can help you choose the one of the right IPTV solutions that would suit your needs. AVM have a number of trained specialists on hand to help you through the process of choosing your solution and also implementing your solution in the workplace.

We have previously installed an IPTV system for newspaper conglomerate, Trinity Mirror – they required a way of streaming a range of news channels directly to their journalists computers. We set up a system that allowed them to do just that. By simply following a link their journalists could have access to a range of news channels to complete their articles. To ensure that nothing was missed we also made sure that each channel was permanently recording back to a separate server that could be accessed by the IT department and redistributed by the IT staff.

We predominantly use Exterity for our IPTV solutions as they are well known as one of the leading brands when it comes to IPTV. We have a number of trained Exterity specialists working at AVM who are extremely knowledgeable in how Exterity systems are set up and maintained. With a number of different ways that an IPTV system can work there is a range of flexible solutions, one of which is bound to fit any purpose you may need.

We also ensure that your team have a solid understanding of their IPTV system by providing a demo upon installation that will run through the key points of your new solution and how exactly it is maintained.