Case Study | Hospitality

Hoysters Cafe Bar – Bury, UK

AVM Solutions were approached by Hoysters Cafe Bar a newly established business. They requested the design and installation of a high quality sound system for their new premises. The system would be primarily used to play music whilst the customers sat in the cafe. Naturally the system would have to supply audio that would be constantly clear so as to avoid any feedback or static.

Our solution – Hoysters Cafe Bar, UK

We presented the client with a system that would supply audio of a high quality throughout their establishment. The system was made up of of 6 Bose ‘Freespace’ loudspeakers and 2 Bose ‘Freespace’ sub-woofer bass modules all of which was driven by a Bose ‘Freespace’ mixer amplifier. The loudspeaker colour was selected especially to “blend in” with the existing decor and fit the style of the cafe. The loudspeakers were carefully positioned by AVM engineers, allowing optimum sound dispersal throughout the space. The system was then tested to make sure that it fit the clients expectations. Finally a detailed demonstration of how to use the system was given to the staff of Hoysters.