Case Study | Education

Brownlow Fold Primary School – Bolton, UK

AVM were approached by  Brownlow Fold Primary school, they required a PA system designed and installed into their main hall that could be used for music playback as well as to use wireless microphones with. They gave us the specification they wanted and the budget they had and we came back to them with a few different options. After Brownlow Fold chose their solution we went on to installation.

Our Solution – Brownlow Fold Primary School, UK

A trained AVM engineer was sent out  to Brownlow Fold, he then wired and installed four speakers around the hall and back to a cupboard fitted to house the main PA system, this was chosen to keep a professional aesthetic. 10 headband microphones with wireless transmitters were supplied with one 2-channel multi frequency receiver units and two 4-channel multi frequency receiver units. The digital player we supplied was a Stageline CD-156 with CD and USB playback facilities available. A 12-channel audio mixer was used to balance and control the audio sources and fed through a stereo amplifier to the speakers. All equipment was fitted in under a full days work at very short notice and well under budget. After our engineer completed installation a brief demonstration was given to the client so that they had an understanding of how to use their new equipment.