Case Study | Education

Brandwood School – Bolton, UK

Brandwood School gave us a call when they found themselves in need of upgrading their audio visual equipment. Their old projector was not bright enough to see things properly and had no audio. They wanted a new, brighter projector with a sound system that would be extremely easy to use.

Our Solution – We suggested a brand new projector well known for its quality, and to make sure of whether it would suit their needs, we arranged a demonstration with one of them in front of the students.

Once they decided they were happy with it, we moved onto the second part of the solution – simplicity. We installed an input scaler that would convert any file to the proper format without any aid from the user – this way, the school staff could simply plug in an iPod or a laptop and start playing anything they wanted with the touch of a button. We also installed speakers on the wall and made sure the rest of the equipment fit into a cupboard and would be easy to put away when not in use.

Finally, we created a bespoke remote control system for them, which attached to the wall and included buttons for On/Off, iPod, Laptop and Volume