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Autocab | Case Study

Autocab, a leading taxi & private hire booking and dispatch software provider, part of the wider Uber Group, were planning an office relocation from Cheadle Royal Business Park to No.2 Circle Square in Manchester.

Autocab were looking for a technology partner to help them develop their ideas and to understand what was possible. The Autocab team involved AVM very early in the process, which allowed us to truly understand the Autocab story, we embedded ourselves into the internal team tasked with taking on this culturally and logistically challenging move.  

This 20k sq. ft space has no less than twenty-four technology enabled collaborative and productive spaces. There is small through to large meeting spaces, with dual screen video conference technology to support the team when speaking to global clients. There is scrum, dev ops drop in spaces, supporting those quick and random stand-up sessions.  

There is an interactive and video conference enabled software demo suit, with large, long comfy seating creating a stunning space and firm favourite of both Autocab colleagues and AVM! 

Possibly the most impressive space, is the way ADT Workspace designed the staircase which links their space on 15th and 16th floor. We worked closely with ADT to transform this space enabling it to hold a 65-person all-hands event, complete with hybrid video conferencing, handhelds mics and of course a catch-box microphone for complete employee engagement. 

There is also background music in the entrance and reception areas, and many digital signage displays scattered across the entire space to help promote those community messaging and event planning comms to colleagues. 

We also love the timeline wall, telling the story of how Autocab became what is it today, a truly innovative, exciting and colleague focused business. So many great spaces, and a true privilege to work with such an amazing, creative, and focused team at Autocab. 

A collaboration room with an interactive board gives an intuitive way of holding meetings and conceptualise ideas between the team inspiring limitless productivity.

The event space has a warm atmosphere that’s embedded elegantly at the core of the Autocab office, creates an engaging large space for events and town halls which surround you with perfect sound and vision. 


Below is a list of just some of the setup AVM Solutions installed: 

  • Large Event space where town halls can be held internally and online. 
  • Digital Signage for advertising to external customers and internal messaging. 
  • Background music with independent zonal audio control.

Customer testimonials:  

“Really had passion for the project and believed in our project and wanted to create something special here”Safa Alkateb CEO 

“AVM are certainly the partners to partner with and to lead the process from end to end”Wasim Ollite Group CFO 

“AVM I remember having a meeting with them and I said look this is what I’m trying to create, and they said yes we can deliver that and I can say that they have really done an amazing job to deliver this for us”Safa Alkateb CEO