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Audio Installations – Quiz Burton/Mansfield

Quiz required 2 audio installations for new stores, one of which was a brand new store in Burton whereas the other was an existing store in Mansfield that was moving location and required some new speakers installing.

The Burton store required a full solution which was made up of: JBL speakers, a Stageline CD player and a TEAC amplifier. One of our trained AVM engineers was dispatched to Burton to install the solution, as the store was still in construction phases our engineer simply had to run the necessary audio cables in the area where the ceiling would be. After the construction phase was completed the engineer returned to the store where he fitted the speakers and connected them up to the amp via the pre installed audio cable. The amp was then connected to the Stageline CD player. Once the solution was completed a brief demo was given to the staff so that they would know how their new solution worked.

Audio Installations

The Mansfield store was a similar set up; however as it was just a site move we were able to use their existing amplifier. Other than that the installation was exactly the same, a first visit by the engineer to install the audio cable while the store was still under construction and a second visit after construction was completed to connect the speakers to the amplifier via the pre installed cables. A demo was not necessary for the Mansfield staff as they had already used the system in their previous store.

All parts we use for our audio installs are selected for their quality and projected longevity, we use JBL speakers for their high audio quality along with their discreet designs. We use Stageline CD players for their rugged and simple design, along with TEAC amps for their ease of use.